Hi. I'm Laura.

Wanna get to know a little bit about me?

When I'm not running around with my camera, you can find me coaching at my local gym, hiking many hours under the Carolina skies, daydreaming on my back patio, doing stained glass in my mini studio, working in my garden, scootering around town with my two kids or cheering them on from the side of a soccer field.

I love adventure, roadtrips, acoustic music, flowers, creating things and a solid picnic in the great outdoors. I'm pretty much always up to try something new but don't ask me to bungee jump or skydive - I hate heights. Check out a new restaurant, hunt down that new mural, or scope out a new small town? I'm your girl.

I've been a photographer for over 10 years still haven't gotten enough of the LIGHT. I'm constantly enthralled by the way the sunlight slants and stretches, turning buttery golden in that hour before sunset. Sunrise and sunsets dappled with pinks, purples and blues will draw me outdoors with wide open eyes. There's so much beauty to that surrounds us and I don't want to miss a thing.


Hayley & Matt

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These are AMAZING! I am not surprised at all, I knew they would be. They are exactly what I wanted to a T. I could have done cartwheels!! Can't wait to display these at his party!! What an amazing memory you captured for us that flies by in a blink of an eye, but these beauties are forever. THANK YOU."

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