Hi there.

If you're looking for fun, casual images that you'll actually enjoy taking, I might just be your girl. Take a peek around and you'll notice my candid, story-telling style of photography.

For years, I've been in love with telling stories through photographs. No two stories are alike yet every single one is beautiful and unique. Photographs are memories of wonder, hope, love, trust, fun, and so much more. When you look at the images from your session, I want you to remember your experience, the exact way you felt, for years to come.

The rising swell of love while you watched your kids belly laugh.

The joy of having your husbands fingers intertwine yours.

The feel of tiny arms circling your neck.

The wonder and excitement when your daughter spotted a firefly.

The swift baby kicks inside your expanding belly.

The feel of the golden hour sun kissing your bare shoulders.

You won't find me posing you during our time together or telling you how to act. I'll encourage you to be yourself - kiss your spouse, tickle your kids and interact. My job is to capture YOU - not a perfectly curated version of your life.

Are you ready to tell YOUR story?

"There is no greater power on this earth than story."

—Libba Bray, author